Is it true medical services and medications are cheaper in Mexico?

It is true, albeit, this is relative... you can access cutting-edge treatments you wouldn't normally get in the states at very reasonable prices (they do exist in the states, but they would be hard to get and probably it would be impossible to afford them as they would be an out of pocket expense). You have to beard in mind we are talking about a private medical practice and not an HMO (so value to price rate is way higher than you expect).

So basically we are not a cheap medical service; but a premium medical service at an affordable price, where you will get quicker and better results, not to mentions a premium experience with a highly skilled doctor, who also happens to be very nice and will answer all your questions and make extra sure you have a great experience.

Does the doctor speaks English?

Yes, he does speak english perfectly and totally understand the american culture. 

Do you perform bloodwork and imaging studies?
We do not. For this you have to go to a third party facility.
So where can I get blood work and imaging studies?
We can recommend some private laboratorios and imaging services in this page.
Can I get bloodwork and imaging studies on the same day of my visit?

It depends on what test is requested and if you meet the requirements to have it performed at the moment like fasting. Some patients like to get into the lab early in the morning and pay express service fee to have results delivered on time for their visit to the doctor in the afternoon.

What blood work should I get for my first visit?

You can download a bloodwork order here and bring it to a lab in our page of recommended providers and get your blood work done before your appointment. 

Are you treating patients with COVID?
No, we are not (we could, but we prefer not to; for safety of our patients). You will be refused entry to the building if you have symptoms and also we will deny consultation if the reason is COVID related; we do this for our patients safety, most of our patients have diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and other risk factor for severe COVID illness. 
What does an internist do?

The internal medicine physician (internist) is a doctor thats specializes in the nonsurgical medical conditions of the adult patient, they have majored as general practitioners (7 years of med school) and also spent another 4 years training as specialist in internal medicine. In USA they are also known as hospitalist, albeit they can also act like an overqualified primary care physician.   


When do I need to visit an internist?

Patients usually are refered to a internist when the other doctors can't figure out what the problem is (we specialize in diagnosing patients), when the patient have multiples medical conditions (so instead of visiting one doctor for each condition, like diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, obesity) they just need an internist. Internist also perform presurgical risk assessments to make the patient's surgery safer.  

Any tips for my first visit?
Please plan ahead and try to arrive early, bring a list of your current medications if you are taking any, if you have previous/recent blood work or other diagnostic test it would be great if you bring them with you.
If your consultation reason is a chronic medical condition and you could get bloodwork done before visiting, it would be great, albeit you can have it done after consultation too.   
Also is mandatory to wear a face mask to get into the building and and during your whole stay.