Blood work orders

blood work profiles

We leave recomended bloodwork profiles depending on your motive of consultation if you desire to bring results to your appointment.


Depending on your results or your actual consultation with us we mya request additional studies.

You can visit us for a consultation without results and we can select the best studies for you, this is just a general recommendation for people who would like to bring results to their first visit. 

Full General Blood Work

This is the most complete pannel and coover most of the test included in the next options, when in doubt or if you are coming for a general check up this is the best option. 

Diabetic patient's recommended blood work

High blood pressure patient's recommended blood work

Obesity patient's recommended blood work

Thyroid problems patient's recommended bloodwork

This is a basic profile for thyroid function, we may request additional testing after your consultation like antibodies for Hashimoto's disease if needed. You may also requiere imaging studies, but we prefer to evaluate this in your fist visit.

Presurgical risk assessment patient's recommended blood work

This panel is mandatory to have your evaluation performed, so no point in showing up without it. You will also requiere a chest xray (this is performed at an medical imaging facility no in a lab, we give some recommendations ont he providers page). 

Fatty liver disease recommended blood work

If you already have a diagnosis we recommend you get this profile that includes FIBROMAX to assess your liver condition and determine which treatment is best for you.

If you don't have a proper diagnosis  or are unsure we recommend you go for the general check up profile.