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dr. gonzalez

Dr. González is an specialist in Internal Medicine, so he is an expert in the medical conditions of the adult patients, be it in consult or in hospitalization.

He specializes in the care of patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, cirrhosis, COPD, infectious diseases, among many others. One of his main specialties is the attention of the patients without a precise diagnosis and those with multiple medical conditions. 

Dr. González takes pride in offering personalized care to all his patients, and dedicate one hour for every visit, always explaining your medical conditions in very simple words any person can easily understands, until his patient fully understand their medical conditions and have no doubts left. He likes to always take advantage of the most advanced diagnostic test and cutting-edge treatments always tailored to the individual needs of every patient.


He also has a lot of experience working with medical tourism patients as he has worked for years with the top bariatric surgeons in town; performing presurgical risk assesments to make sure patients are healthy enough to go into surgery and help them have the safest posible experience by providing solutions to avoid issues before, during and after surgery. 


As you probably imagined already; he speaks perfect English. 

Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Médico Internista web
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